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Hi all,

New to the owners club, picking up my b8.5 cab on Sunday. Cannot wait and thrilled with the spec of the car, with exception of the media system. I’ve read a lot of threads on here and other forums, but haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for so hoping someone may be able to help :)

so firstly, current system is Audi Concert. Controls are on the dash, so no Nav. I don’t know exactly what system I have in terms of 2g, 3G etc. as I’ve only test driven the car briefly, but I think by the photos below I have 3G low? Has a media button so also assuming there is an aux?

essentially what I would like to do is:

1. upgrade system to support Apple car play. There are some plug n play out there, but all vary in regards to compatibility and quality. I live in Sussex, England. Has anyone used this company before?About Us | Audi Upgrades

also found this which to me looks great, but cannot find any reviews -

2. Move controls from dash to centre console. Struggled to find this anywhere, but I’d prefer the controls on the console for ease whilst driving. Nav button will obviously be useless as it’s not built in to my system anyway, which is the reason for wanting Apple play.

I did read through the hybrid mmi thread, unless I’ve missed something I couldn't find anything that matched exactly what I’m looking for, but apologies if I’m duplicating threads!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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First of all congrats on the new car.
To start the concert is neither 2g or 3g its a separate radio.

As for the android part i recommend a company known as rsnav. They make high quality android headunits which support carplay as well as their own operating system. (Read up about it on their website) RSNav - Advanced Cockpit for your Audi®

I have installed a headunit from them and have no problems with it. If your not confident in fitting these units i wouldnt mind doing it for you since im just up the road (surrey)

Re routing the radio controls to around the gearstick as far as im awar isnt possible (im currently looking for a way to do the same)

Best of luck on the new car

thanks for the reply, much appreciated. I’ve actually purchased an android kit (link below). I contacted the seller and went through the spec of my car to ensure it’s the correct one. I found some useful reviews online prior to buying and although chinese, it does look like a good piece of kit!

Not sure if this is the type of thing you mentioned you’ve installed previously?


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