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Hey guys so I'm new to this forum but have found it super useful for my recent venture!

I've always wanted an A5 coupe but being a young lad I couldn't justify £8k on a decent A5. So... I decided to buy a salvage one from auction and document my process on youtube (link below) for other people to enjoy and potentially learn from my mistakes!

Channel link:

Parts seem to be difficult to get for the facelift and I'm struggling to find the specs that the car comes with (I.e whether it has adaptive headlights?). I've got the myAudi app but it's difficult to understand in my opinion.

I'm now looking at getting a used rad pack and slam panel as my one has broken brackets and the connection to the frame is all bent from impact.

I've just bought a steering wheel airbag and new dashboard to fit so will be doing that this weekend.

If you guys have any information or advice on this build i'd much appreciate it 🙏
Also if you have a link to someone breaking a facelift A5 please let me know so I can keep constant uploads up on my channel for the progress!

Hope everyone is staying safe!

(PeakPatrick on YouTube)


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