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your iPhone/iPod touch and the Audi MMI - some cool tricks

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Hoping to start a bit of a following here, some cool tips for iPhone users that get frustrated with the limitations of the MMI system which Audi seems to refuse to update

first of all, if you (like me) run your iPhone through the iPod cable for access to music on the phone in the MMI, here's a really good reason to jailbreak:

once the iPhone is jailbroken, you can install "NoAccessorySplash" from cydia, this effectively allows you to control the iPod app on the phone in stead of through the MMI... REALLY COOL, basically, you get to compose genius playlists etc. on the phone and browse your music there, the MMI interface lags waay to much for my liking, so this is probably the coolest trick you can apply in my opinion... watch out though, once you've changed the current song/playlist or created a genius playlist on the phone, don't go back to the media browser on the MMI, it will show you what it last remembers the iPod doing rather than show you what the iPod app actually is doing.... best to just use the next/skip buttons on the center console to control music with the car, those still work fine. if you just connect the phone and use the car's media interface straight away it makes no difference in the operation, you can still browse and select music the way you did before on the MMI, the difference being, you now have the option to do it on the phone as well

another frustrating thing about the MMI at the moment is the fact that you can't sync your contacts anymore once you've updated your iPhone past iOS 4.1, Audi's official recommendation is to "downgrade" the OS on your phone, which is brilliant, because, on an iPhone 3GS or 4, that's not possible... go figure... to date there's no known fix, but, Apple did release iOS 4.3 today, so I'm hoping someone out there has updated and checked if this is now working? let me know if anyone has any info? I'll keep the thread updated accordingly

some really cool (non Audi related) iPhone/iPod touch tips can be found at:
The iPhone Tips/Tricks/Apps thread

most of the essential info is on the first page, it's a pretty strong community of users
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but on your NoAccessorySplash tip, then doesn't that mean you have to open your glove box to get to the iphone?
well... I paid a custom fitment company to run the cable from the glove box to the center console compartment, it cost around 80US$, so in my case, no, also, the usual media interface still works, so, it's not a case of you HAVE to use the phone to navigate your music library, but you now have the option to do so
Can't understand the benefits of doing this at all????

I don't have any lag with my playlists at all. If I create another playlist on the go (on the phone rather than the pc), it's there the next time I connect.

Also the thought of looking down to the centre consol to look at a small screen whilst driving just seems like an accident waiting to happen, and suspect here in the UK the 'old bill' would adopt the same stance as texting whilst driving.

I'm all for new tips and tricks, but improvement needs to be the total experience, not adding a trick, which seriously compromises safety.

Appreciate your have your reason for doing this, but not the route I'd wish to take.

Thanks for the link though, I'll check it out to see what other things might be of interest.

again, it gives you the option to do so and doesn't force the use, you can still use the MMI interface as usual

I'm specifically interested in genius playlists, i.e., a song plays that you like, you hit the genius button and the phone composes a playlist with similar music, you cannot do that via the MMI, this is a one button action, double tap home button while the phone is locked, hit the genius button, and, doesn't have to be the driver doing it, it can be the passenger

browsing playlists has never been an issue, it's when you try to browse artists in a library of 4000+ songs, the scrolling gets seriously sticky

most after market stereo's have an option to choose between ipod control and head unit control, I just felt that this was lacking in the Audi MMI, this is a neat way to get it back
So you can change the playlist, but isn't the song selection still done through the MMi? Does that mean you can't switch a different playlist afterward? This seems like more hassle to me. I normally have all my playlists setup and simply go through those with MMi.
you have full control of the iPod app on the phone which is normally locked out when connected to the MMi, you can change song/playlist/compose genius playlist etc.
Do you mean your phone contacts or are you talking about something different? I have been syncing my contacts all along, so Im guessing you're talking about something different....Ive been using the latest iOS as soon as they come out and haven't had any issues that I know of !!
it's an issue with the 3'rd Gen MMI with built in dvd/nav, anything above iOS 4.1 doesn't sync contacts anymore (audi and apple have acknowledged it, they're just not doing anything about it)

You might have the issue and not know it, the contacts that synced up to the point where you upgraded to iOS 4.2 would still be there..., check to see if any contacts you've added recently are available in the names menu on the car, i didn't notice till quite a while after it started happening and then i made the mistake of deleting the phone from the paired devices and pairing again to try and fix it, result, now i have no contacts vs having had at least my old contacts on there before....

having said that, i still don't know if iOS 4.3 (the latest one) fixes the issue, i'd gladly upgrade and sacrifice my jailbreak if i know the contact sync will work...
don't sacrifice your JB, 4.3 JB is just around the corner just wait til then.
I'd happily go without sbsettings and noaccessorysplash for a while if i could get my contacts back onto my names list on the MMI..... I just need to know if contact sync actually works with 4.3, I've not been able to get a definite answer anywhere, anyone who says it does says it's also worked on 4.2, which it certainly did not.... so I can't believe that statement
*sigh* confirmed this in your other thread, want a video to prove it?
lol... thanx, i'll believe you, you don't just have the same mmi as i do you have the same car...

JB is due out before the end of this weekend, or so i hear...
That's the only reason you jailbreak your phone?! You mean any app in the app store for free, iRealSMS, LockInfo, MyWi, MewSeek, FakeOperator, FaceBreak, InfiniFolders, the list goes on and on!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't go with my phone unjailbroken for a day...:no:
those are the reasons relevant to this thread

i support developers rather than pirating apps, and to be honest, sbsettings and noAccessorySplash are the only reasons why i still want to jailbreak, there are even apps on the app store now that allow file downloads in safari etc. using approved api's from apple... gave up on irealsms a year ago, the rest aren't huge for me, if i wanted to tether i'd just get the att 30$ tether plan
*sigh* confirmed this in your other thread, want a video to prove it?
updated to 4.3.1 and i still have the issue, quick question, do you sync your iphone contacts with MS exchange? or do they sync via itunes directly with outlook? I'm beginning to think it's because I have contacts enabled on my exchange account on the phone that causes the problem... this is damn frustrating :(
No, my iPhone is synced with my Exchange server.
I've now deleted any additional contact folders/groups other than the primary off my exchange account, and still refuses to sync a single contact, I don't get how you get yours to work.....
If we think about this logically the only think that is different between us all is the contacts. To test I would do a factory reset on the MMI, then backup and delete all you contacts on your iPhone (for testing sake a would format and set the iPhone up as a new phone, don't restore from backup) then add 1 contact and try to pair with the MMI and see if it syncs. It could be a character within one of the contacts which causes the MMI to throw a hissy fit ( technical term ;0) )
been throuhg all of the above in various orders and levels of frustration, no luck :( are you in europe or the US? the firmware is slightly different (supposedly just the maps/navigation is different) but you never know, maybe they managed to sneak something else in there...
No, my iPhone is synced with my Exchange server.
what part of the world are you in? I'm starting to suspect the firmware release is slightly different depending on region...
Warren - who hopefully doesn't mind me butting in - is in UK, as am I, and likewise not experiencing any issues at all. Updated to latest version earlier this week and all seems fine.

which might explain things, and thanx for butting in, I'm in the USA.. i suspect the firmware is *slightly* different, the map data definitely is, and, i suspect you guys may have had a map update in the last year? we've not had map updates in a year and a half
Hey theron.roland,

Can you post a pic of what you mean about the custom routing of the iPod cable to the centre console? Or at least describe what they did? Do you have some kind of dock, or is it just the loose cable? By centre console, do you mean the arm rest location, or more in the centre dash?

hi 3space, the company did the install by pulling the cable that is in the glove compartment into the dash and routing it through the center console with an extension into the compartment in between the two front seats, no special dock or anything, just a free cable that connects to the iphone, will take some pics if you really want some but nothing special to see really
anyone have ANY luck syncing contacts yet? it's been months now and I still can't get my contacts onto my MMI :(
anyone have ANY luck syncing contacts yet? it's been months now and I still can't get my contacts onto my MMI :(
iPhone bluetooth phonebook contact sync issues resolved

turns out there's been a solution to the contact sync issue for some time, and it does appear to be specific to the USA:

Audi Forums USA thread 14859

please take some time to vote on the above thread as well, I'd like to gather some stats on this
Hello theron.roland

I’m new to this forum (to be honest I’m an A4 owner!!)

I hate the fact that the AMI is in the glove box and not in the arm rest (which IMO is where it should be for iphone users)
So I’d be interested to know more about the custom cable, how is it connected to the original 'short' ipod AMI cable?

I’ve tried all sorts of dock extension cables but none of them work and
I’m thinking about getting the kufatec extension cable:-

KUFATEC GmbH & Co. KG - Audi AMI/ VW MDI Verlngerungskabel 37010

But this is only 800mm long and for that price I might make some enquires about a custom cable

hey Keef, check on amazon for iphone sync extention cables, basically has a male sync port on the on end and a female on the ohter, I bought two of these, chained them together, and plugged the female end into the male end from the short cable connected to the car
I've been syncing/ pairing my iPhone and my A5 every time I get into the car. Is there a way for them to automatically pair when they're both on and within range?
hi boozeman, could you describe exactly what you do to sync/pair each time?

I turn on the car. When I go to the bluetooth options on my iPhone and select Audi, it fails to pair. I turn bluetooth off on my phone, turn it back on, select Audi, and it pairs successfully. No password required.
delete the device on the audi MMI settings, also do a "forget this device" on the iphone settings, and pair again, and here's the trick: use a 5 digit passcode, I've found that sometimes less than 5 digits cause issues, don't ask my why, but try it ;) also, have you paired any other phones with the audi? bluetooth pairing is usually priority based, and usually in the order they were first connected, so similarly delete other phones from the MMI settings, let me know if you need me to go through the MMI or iPhone menus to get you steps to do the unpair... let me know if any of that helps :)
Thanks ReedAero

I know there is loads of options when it come to playing music through
the AMI....Jukebox, hard drive, USB, SD cards etc..

But I just want to use my iphone and I like to store it in the arm rest.
I know the new A6 has the AMI in rest.
just went through my past amazon orders and yeah, i also got the CableJive, must've been lucky to pick the right one first time around.... lol

here's the exact link if anyone else needs to look into it CableJive - 6 ft. Dock Extender Cable in Black: Electronics
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