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your iPhone/iPod touch and the Audi MMI - some cool tricks

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Hoping to start a bit of a following here, some cool tips for iPhone users that get frustrated with the limitations of the MMI system which Audi seems to refuse to update

first of all, if you (like me) run your iPhone through the iPod cable for access to music on the phone in the MMI, here's a really good reason to jailbreak:

once the iPhone is jailbroken, you can install "NoAccessorySplash" from cydia, this effectively allows you to control the iPod app on the phone in stead of through the MMI... REALLY COOL, basically, you get to compose genius playlists etc. on the phone and browse your music there, the MMI interface lags waay to much for my liking, so this is probably the coolest trick you can apply in my opinion... watch out though, once you've changed the current song/playlist or created a genius playlist on the phone, don't go back to the media browser on the MMI, it will show you what it last remembers the iPod doing rather than show you what the iPod app actually is doing.... best to just use the next/skip buttons on the center console to control music with the car, those still work fine. if you just connect the phone and use the car's media interface straight away it makes no difference in the operation, you can still browse and select music the way you did before on the MMI, the difference being, you now have the option to do it on the phone as well

another frustrating thing about the MMI at the moment is the fact that you can't sync your contacts anymore once you've updated your iPhone past iOS 4.1, Audi's official recommendation is to "downgrade" the OS on your phone, which is brilliant, because, on an iPhone 3GS or 4, that's not possible... go figure... to date there's no known fix, but, Apple did release iOS 4.3 today, so I'm hoping someone out there has updated and checked if this is now working? let me know if anyone has any info? I'll keep the thread updated accordingly

some really cool (non Audi related) iPhone/iPod touch tips can be found at:
The iPhone Tips/Tricks/Apps thread

most of the essential info is on the first page, it's a pretty strong community of users
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Is there any jailbreak hack to let me patch or pandora through the accessory port? 3.5mm AUX jack is lower quality.
iOS 4.0+ will treat the accessory port as a line out. Just pause the music via the MMI and start the app you want to use.

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That's the only reason you jailbreak your phone?! You mean any app in the app store for free, iRealSMS, LockInfo, MyWi, MewSeek, FakeOperator, FaceBreak, InfiniFolders, the list goes on and on!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't go with my phone unjailbroken for a day...:no:
So +£30K car and +£400 phone and paying 50p for an app is too much? I suppose you pirate the jailbreak app too!

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If we think about this logically the only think that is different between us all is the contacts. To test I would do a factory reset on the MMI, then backup and delete all you contacts on your iPhone (for testing sake a would format and set the iPhone up as a new phone, don't restore from backup) then add 1 contact and try to pair with the MMI and see if it syncs. It could be a character within one of the contacts which causes the MMI to throw a hissy fit ( technical term ;0) )
I've tried a number of extension cables from eBay all of which failed, the only one that worked was the CableJive

dockXtender: Dock Extender Cable for iPad, iPhone and iPod

Also have a look at one of my threads on how to route the cable out from the glovebox
1 - 4 of 49 Posts
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