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Yorkshire Meeting?

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Anyone fancy a regular monthly meet-up in Yorkshire?

I used to attend a monthly NYLOC "tyre kicking" meet at Buckles Inn on the A64 near York.

The pub did (I assume still does) nice coffee, nice food and the car park was a decent size.

Just a thought, would anyone be interested?

Open to suggestions.

NB. We have plenty of time to sort it out if people are interested as I don't actually have an A5 yet :)
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Welcome! You'll find a few owners across Yorkshire, but most of us haven't met yet - so this is a good call.

Buckles Inn works well for me. Can't commit to turn up monthly but let us know when you get your car and we'll start with the first meet!

Enjoy delivery day ;)
Excellent! .... if it stays as only us two I'll get the first round in!

I've dug out a picture of the place taken at one of the meetings I went to. It shows the car park etc. I don't have any pictures of the food unfortunately.

There were almost 70 Loti there that day so there should be plenty of room for a few A5s

I would have thought that most people would not be able to commit to every month but if you make it a regular time of the month then at least people know when it's going to be.

Anymore who fancy it?
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Not too far for me so I'd be happy to make an appearance once in a while!

Welcome aboard irberry :)
Hi Irberry - sounds like a plan, count me in later in the year as I've only just ordered my A5 this week. Should get it around Christmas, keep me posted.........cheers
Hi Guys

Took delivery this morning of my S5.. I work in Harrogate, count me in for a Yorkshire meet.. :)

Had to drive it home on trade plates as it's being registered on a 58 so can't do anything until 1st Sept :-(


Hey all - I'm definitely up for a Yorkshire meet. I live pretty close to where you are talking about so that is perfect!

RedShed - mine is a 58 as well and I brought it home on trade plates. One more day - really cant wait!!! :D

Is your car still confirmed for build week 35? What delivery date that?
Is your car still confirmed for build week 35? What delivery date that?
Yeah, the build week didn't change, the last update I got was last Wednesday and the car was in "Final Build". Not got a definite delivery date but the sales guy seems to still think it'll be mid-September. I am hoping to hear something this week.

I am running low on excuses to contact him to ask for an update.
Whealey... are you enjoying after the wait... first drive yesterday having been away.. managed to put 300 miles on the clock.... :)

I like....
So, When Is It Going To Be??

OK irberry, now that you have your car (congrats BTW), when are we going to have the Yorkshire meet? ;)

I'm certainly interested and so is my car-mad son.
I am open to suggestions

I guess it depends what's easiest for most people. I suppose the first question has to be Weekend or Evening?

I can probably wangle most dates, especially if you bring your VAG-COM and your Milltek exhaust. I have a keen interest in both those items.

(I appreciate if you bring your car the exhaust will probably come too)
I would suggest a weekend - either a Saturday or Sunday around lunch time onwards. It's starting to get darker earlier in the evenings now and you can't ogle at cars in the dark - or can you ;)

Naturally I'll bring the VAG com kit along as well as the exhaust - and the springs - and the spacers - s*d it, I'll bring the whole car! :D
The entire car! .... you're really spoiling us!

How about lunchtime on Sat 20th September? ... there's no F1 on that weekend.
Sounds good to me - the wife shouldn't be working that day so she may want to come along. I daresay my son will too.
Cool... that was quite easy. Seems to be going much smoother than the national meet so far.

Anyone else?
Cool... that was quite easy. Seems to be going much smoother than the national meet so far.
Let's not get too carried away - so far its only 2 of us. :D However, I have high hopes that some of the other Yorkshire locals will be up for it.
Argh, can't make the 20th... I can either make the 13th (this weekend) or the 4th would be the next time I'm free. Would be great if it could be worked around me as I've just got my car and would be really cool to meet up with other A5 owners. Not to worry too much though, I don't wanna be the idiot who everyone works around but if no one has any preference then I would be greatly appreciated.

What can I bring along...hmm. Suzuka Grey A5 (rare colour). 20" rims which look great, Milltek exhaust - thats about it to be honest but like I said, I'd love to be involved in the next Yorkshire meet :D
Hi all,

I wouldn't want to miss our first meet (seeing it's us, and that I live 2 miles away!) I can't make it this weekend, and if Whealey can't make it on the 20th, how about 4th Oct?

BTW lots of Milltek exhausts in Yorkshire, aren't there? :cool:
I can make the 4th October - Mrs REB isn't working that day.

BTW lots of Milltek exhausts in Yorkshire, aren't there? :cool:
If you listen very carefully, you can hear one in every corner of the Yorkshire counties :D.
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