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Xenonz uk RS5 rep bumper

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After I hit a deer a few weeks ago, destroying my xuk grill, sport bumper, fog, headlight & bracket, washer, & wing,
Got hold of another wing, genuine & same colour, used headlight, washer & brackets, treated her to a xenonz uk RS5 rep bumper, was luck someone selling as new still in box half the price, then brought a new xenonz RS rep grill, badge & holder off ebay, then a new fhc number plate, I lasercut a metal backer & magnets on plate for a clean look.
Must say I'm over the moon on the finished result, went for a black grill surround & rings & satin silver splitter
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Land vehicle Vehicle registration plate Wheel Vehicle Car

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That does look very nice! :D
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Can you give some more info on the brackets you made for the plates.
Lose the X-UK logo on the grille as it doesnt suit the car. but otherwise it looks good
1.5mm steel plate I lasercut at work, same as fhc full house customs sells, & some 10mmx50mmx1.5mm magnets off ebay

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