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Xenon main beam staying on one side

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My 2014 A5 2.0 TDI Black Edtion has a fault on the head lights.
When lights turned on the drivers side head light stays on full beam, other headlight works fine.
I know nothing about how they work so any tips or theories would be greatly appreciated.

Chris M
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Has this only recently occurred? Or happened since a replacement or retrofit?

Just happened, nothing has been replaced or changed on the car.
Just happened, nothing has been replaced or changed on the car.
There's actually a flap or actuator that directs the dip beam to main beam within the headlight unit itself, it is actually audible "click" sound. You'll need another person to help you listen for that sound while another is flashing the full beams on and off. If there's not audible sound then that would be your culprit and that flap is obviously stuck in full beam.

That's a start for you atleast. Hope that helps!

Thanks, I'll give that a try soon as possible.
Well I got the wife to flash the head lights....also managed to get me with the headlight washers, an accident apparently!
This was all done after I'd removed the headlight unit (that wasn't done without fear of damage due to how tight a fit it is.) to ID it and photograph all components.
I could see the actuator which looks like it moves the headlight bulb up and down but replacing it looks problematic.
I managed to unplugged and then reconnect the actuator, reassembled it all and when tested it all and it worked fine, self levels , dips undips.

Hopefully just an intermittent fault.....
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Spoke to soon, the head lamp isn't leveling to the same height as the other one, it will dip when full beam flashed on and off but it's constantly sat high.
I've seen their are leveling sensors on the suspension for them....Is their one for each side and if so where??

Thanks Chris M
Hmm, since you had the lamp out, could need up/down adjustment (-1-):
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Adjustment -2- does side-to-side. I believe driver side dipped (low) beam is slightly lower than passenger side. --g
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I'll look into that thanks.

Chris M
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