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WTB: A5 rear diffuser + blade (dual outlet)

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I am trying to pull together the Audi OEM bodykit for the A5. I was only thinking about the side skirts initially but the more I looked at it, the more obvious it became that this needs to be fitted as a complete package or not at all as the design flows well when viewed as a whole (apart from the rear boot spoiler - I'll give that a miss!). Skirts alone look disjointed.

I now have most of the kit apart from the rear diffuser. I can find these for the 4 cylinder models all over eBay but aside from a few German vendors who are charging top whack anyway, the 6 cylinder version hasn't come up for months and I am loathe to pay Audi their ridiculous price for it. So, if anyone has this, I'm interested. As it will need spraying up anyway, second hand is fine as long as it's in good nick.

Part No. 8T0071620B9AX

PS. I have no wish to turn my car into an S-Line pretender - it's the Sport and that's the way it will stay, so S-Line bumpers/valences are out of the question.

Many thanks.
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I have a rear defuser from an 08 30tdi quattro sport non s line has the holes for dual exhausts
Argh!! I just ordered one from Audi about 10 days ago as I couldn't wait any longer. That said, however, they cocked up the first order and gave me the 4 cylinder one instead, so the correct version is having to be ordered from the factory. I really wouldn't be surprised if they cocked it up again or said it was no longer available, in which case I'll be back on to you. How much did you want for it, posted to Manchester?
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