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The S4 doesn't have a turbo... I believe it has a supercharger. Anyways, there was no turbo in the S5 because:
1. We already know that a turbocharged 4.2 V8 without FSi can easily churn out 450 HP (a la previous get RS6), which would be way too powerful, for Audi at least, for an S model car.
2. Audi did not have a turbocharged V6 in production or development during the development of the S5.
3. Even if they decided spend all the money to make a new V6 twin turbo for the S5, I am sure that the demographics of people who would buy an S5 would rather have an N/A V8 than a turbocharged V6.
4. Sticking with a de-tuned RS4 4.2 V8 was probably the cheapest option of the three (although I do feel that Audi should have charged a few grand more, and then put the 420 HP RS4 V8 in it, to better compete with the M3 and C63, and then put a turbocharged 4.2 V8 FSi making 480-500 HP in the RS5... that would be hot!)
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