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Why no mods for A5?

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Is there a reason why there aren't too many engine mods/performance upgrades for the a5 - particularly the 3.2 FSI??? In a month or two, there should be a flood of these cars in the US, a good market for potential car peformance companies.
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how about an ecu upgrade. Sc seems to be a waste and could of bought a s5. But putting IN a couple grand for an extra 40-50hp seems good
I agree, and if so, how about an upgraded exhaust as well?
I think it really comes down to the engine being brand new, and only used in a low-volume car. How many 3.2 FSIs are really out there driving around? Very very few.

Wait until the new A4 arrives. Audi will sell several times as many of that bread-and-butter model, giving the tuning market something to want to build for.

Good point! :)
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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