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Why no mods for A5?

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Is there a reason why there aren't too many engine mods/performance upgrades for the a5 - particularly the 3.2 FSI??? In a month or two, there should be a flood of these cars in the US, a good market for potential car peformance companies.
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An Ecu reflash can boost hp by 40-50 on a NA car?? That sounds a bit high?
I have spent most of my life with the booming masculine sound of a honking V8. (Sorry, Jen, I couldn't think of another word to explain the baritone sound of glass pack mufflers.) Even my Cayenne S has this head-turning music coming from the exhausts. I would love to give my A5 a more healthy sound. Listening to the Hondas and Toyotas with those coffee-can put-put noises is not for me. Is there a product on the market that will transform an A5 to a Wagner opera? I hope an A5 mod will turn my sweetie into a roaring beast.
Would an exhaust void warranty? I'm not sure how mod friendly Audi dealerships generally are.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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