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Who is waiting for their S5???

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(Hi there, I am new to the boards, so forgive me if this is a repeated topic or something... I looked around and only found sporadic messages relating to this.)

I ordered an S5 from my Long Island, NY Audi dealer in late September.

Meteor Gray/Magma Red/Tech Package/Panorama Roof

I was told by the dealer that the car should be in mid-November.
At the end of December, I called and asked if there was an ETA for delivery. I was told probably mid-February.

I popped in to the dealer the other day just to see if there was more info and now I am being told "at least 60 more days."

Anyone else being told the same? How many S5s are actually on the streets of the USA, so far?

I have found 2 dealers selling their demo cars (in fact, the very one that I saw in in the showroom at my dealer is for sale) and you can't even take ownership of those until March they are saying.


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G'day from Australia

I ordered a Daytona Grey/ Silver Pearl S5 in December and was told to expect arrival around May. I ticked all the options, although sat nav and keyless are standard features in the S5 here in Australia.

I also ticked the sunroof option but have been reading here about the difficulty in ordering this in the upcoming batch of builds. I haven't heard from my dealer that this is a problem though.

As for Driver Select, I am being told by my dealer that this isn't available to order, although I note other posts on this site suggesting it is available on the S5s heading to Oz.
hey jay,
i'm also in long island/queens area,
which dealership did you go to?
when i tried to go for a test drive in november, they told me that delivery won't be in till march...
this was beiner by the way.
I am in NJ, and ordered 11/27. Initially the dealer told me late Feb/Early March. I spoke to him yesterday, and my car has yet to get a build date. He told me he had someone else ordered 10/31 and they don't have a date yet. I am thinking of canceling and picking up a BMW335X Coupe...
i put one on order at manhattan audi the first week of jan and quickly realized that i wouldnt get it until the summer, so i cancelled the order and bought the dealer unit at palisades audi in west nyack. it hasnt been driven, and once i bought it they took it off the showroom floor. i cant have it til march 1, but at least i know it's there.
What's the reasoning you cannot have it until march?
its one of those dealer models, audi just doesn't let them sell it officially until march 1
I don't know if it is a legal requirement or a manufacturer requirement, but its the same here in Blighty... Audi make the dealer keep their demo cars for a minumum of 3 months... then they can sell them. Don't know why. Possibly something to do with a possible discounting structure or dealers pre-ordering loads of cars and calling them demo's.
one other thing... palisades audi still has a brilliant red/black leather S5 fully loaded on the lot for sale. that one you can drive home today (i actually went there to buy this one, but ended up taking the dealer meteor gray/magma instead, even though i couldnt have it for 6 weeks). if anyone in the NYC area is looking, id call them up right away...
Ordered mine 1-11-08 and have no idea when I will see it. Hopefully late spring / early summer.
Ordered 12/26/07, was told to anticipate delivery late May-early June.:mad: Picking one up quick is tempting but red is a bit too obvious for me. I think some one here called it "arrest me red". Crosley.
Ordered in Oct/13 in IL, no word yet on delivery date or even if it's on production; which in my case is not that bad because my S4 lease expires in April.
I'm tempted to cancel the order, but I can't make up my mind.

Deep Sea Blue - Alcantara Black/Black - All the tech stuff.
Ordered on Dec 15th in Southern California, same scenario no word yet on a build date or delivery date!!! and my lease expires in a month. :eek:

I absolutely want this car (with automatic tranny) so cancelling is not an option.

Guess I'll keep checking out the threads here for another three or four months :mad:
I put a deposit down on June 19th, 2007. Delivery was January 2nd, 2008. Now I had to wait till orders could be placed which was some time in August. My original delivery date was late October and it was pushed back 10-11 weeks.
Ordered my S5 on 12/31/2007. Got audi care for free.
Dealer told me late spring, early summer.
I was going to order from Don Rosen Imports, but went with Holberts in Warrington, PA.
Same here
Ordered mid Dec and looking for a possible delivery in late April May. Free maintenance and free license plate cover here.
Ordered my S5 on 12/31/2007. Got audi care for free.
Dealer told me late spring, early summer.
I was going to order from Don Rosen Imports, but went with Holberts in Warrington, PA.
Ordered Mid Oct

Ordered mine mid October. Got production date of week 5/2008.

I figure on 6 weeks more for it to arrive in California - mid March if I am lucky:)

5 months is a long wait...

S5, Misano Red Pearl, B&O, Navigation.

Anyone interested in a 2000 S4, Imola Yellow. 37,000miles. Like New.
Ordered mine in September.. arriving early April.
Phantom / Pearl & Drive Select.
HAHAHA, Thats the car the dealer sold underneath me and then argued about giving me my deposit back....
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