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Where to tap into 10V in the boot?

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I have an Audi A5 2012 Sportback 2.0 TDI, I need to tap into at least 10V to power a device that will be situated in the boot. I will already be sniffing the CAN Bus network in the boot. Is there somewhere located near the CANH and CANL wires?

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The actual device has an requirement of 10 to 50 v. This is the device I'm looking to use:
Blimey interesting! Every day a school day. Very MI5 to latch onto a cable signal path and "listen" to data communicated but without actually tapping physically onto the wire.
Whilst CAN data will be transmitted in 1s and 0s, i can only presume the contactless reader is measuring the current when a data burst is v+ (minimal current but enough to let the reader know what the can message is - and its current vs time (example 1mA for 3 secs, then 0mA for 2secs, then 1mA for 1sec could translate as 111001). Not sure what type of current clamp reader though (Hall, Rogowski). Add a bit of signal processing and hey presto - current clamp becomes a signal decoder!

I couldn't open the data sheet but if you say Voltage operating range of 10-50V then i'm sure splicing into the 12 Cig lighter in the boot should be fine. Have enough wire to ensure device reaches canbus cable. You may have to add more wire to the wire already on the device to reach canbus - which will be fine. Just make sure its insulated fine (no bare wires touching metal work!!)

I'll be interested to see the data coming back!
It great for R&D with the added bonus that I do not have to cut anything and possible loose value on the car. I've got an cig lighter adapter somewhere I just need to find it. I'm pretty sure I don't have a cig lighter adapter in the boot tho.
Yes that device is really interesting, would have saved me butchering a wiring harness in the past.
Not cheap but worth it!
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