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I've got a 2014 white BE coupe. As soon as I bought the car I had the mirrors, skirt blades, rear valance and bumper grills painted gloss black. I also replaced audi logo's front and back with gloss black versions and removed all other badging (s line, quattro, a5 etc).

I was hoping to swap the front bumper for the plus edition version but with all the parts involved this is looking too expensive. With this in mind I'm going to have to settle for a couple of other subtle mods to finish the car. These being the boot lip spoiler from the plus edition (i'll have this painted gloss black) and some chrome black exhaust tips.

I've attached pics of the boot lip spoiler I'm after. Any links to a similar well fitting version would be appreciated. The same goes for the exhaust trims, I want to go as oem as possible using the same fixings as the original tips.
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