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My s5 has a born on date of 9/24, late November/ December is the expected delivery date in the US.

I love the looks of the S5, and like what I hear.

I like the international flavor of this board, and would like to know the international perspective. Did you order with no pricing, based on pictures like I did? Are you happy? When did the prices come out relative to your deposit order and delivery date?

I have an out, as I am the only order at my dealer, and they just wanted one even if I don't take it.

There are other nice cars out there, and Audi's hush hush approach is starting to turn me off. If the price is out of line, M 3 here I come. I hate BMW, but on paper a better car. That is all I have to go on.

Thanks for your input, sorry for venting

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