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Hey everyone, just bought a 2014 RS5 Cab a few weeks ago and have been chasing the wheel balance since I bought it. Come to learn, the driver rear was a runout tire, so worked with the dealership to get new tires I had installed back home. I got Conti extremeContact’s. Ive learned about RoadForce balancing and it’s all the shop is doing now. Regardless, I’ve been back to the shop 3 times, they replaced one tire because they could t get it below ~55. New tire was able to get down to ~11, but now they are telling me they couldn’t get another below ~37 so they are ordering another new one for another corner. They showed me one rim that you can visually see the “out of round” one of the front rims are on the spinner, so am going to get with a local rim repair shop I’ve used for a car of my parents.
Is this a common problem for anyone that’s got an RS? I’ve had 2 S5 Cab’s before and never had a problem with those like I’m having now.

Help!! I’m starting to lose it and just want to enjoy my car without body shake between 55-70. Doesn’t seem unreasonable right!?

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