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What speakers and amp are fitted to my vehicle?

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Hello everyone. Not posted in years but always been lurking in the background.
Had my S5 for just under a year now. The sound has not been that good compared to my previous A5 which had B&O fitted.
This one’s volume literally starts half way up the scale on the screen and on full blast doesn’t even vibrate the windows. The level of Bass is frankly pathetic, my daughters Seat Leon system sounds infinitely better. Had it in for its first service recently and I had the dealer check it out under warranty and apparently nothings wrong so theoretically no blown speakers or amp.
Is there a way in finding out what is fitted to it? I seem to remember some database is available you can put your build details into and it gives info but will it give this much info? Anyone know the website address?
Can speakers or amp be straight swapped out with upgraded items or do you need to re-set codes in the ECU?
The vehicles a 2017 S5, not sure of the ‘B’ but it’s fitted with the V6 twin scroll turbo engine.
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