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Why are you considering going with different size wheels front and back? If you want a staggered look, then simply get more aggressive offsets in the rear which will give you more lip and the staggered effect.

You have to maintain consistent rolling diameters front and rear to keep the quattro gods happy, so I would definitely get consistent rim sizes.

If you go with a 10" rim, I would definitely go with 275/30 tires as they fit perfect and ride very close to stock. I have them fitted to my car. You can go Toyo T1R or if money is no issue you can go Michelin PS2. Both will give you the ride comfort you desire...

As for the finish; if you get the centers brushed, they will match your side mirrors perfectly and really add a level of sport to the vehicle.

Chrome wheels will be harder to maintain and look less sporty. That's just my opinion on the look, but they are definitely harder to maintain as you cannot use certain cleaning agents on chrome and they show water sports more than any other finish.
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