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Hello all,

Our Centre site has had a redesign in the last couple of weeks and rather than having a 'usual' Centre that just tries to flog/advertise on every page I'm trying to turn our new site into an 'Information Hub' that will be of interest and use to people on the internet.

So really my question to you all was what would you consider valuable/useful information that you'd (maybe) rather not have to phone a Centre every time for? I've already put a few things on and was wondering what people thought?

One thing which I'm going to get added is a page that is dedicated to information the public don't (and should) normally get. Such as spec changes/removals, current manufacture ETA's of Audi models and updates on Merchandise, Accessories and Infotainment. To be honest the amount of useful public information that never gets communicated to the outside world is quite shocking :eek:

Anyway, as I said I want our site to be of help to people so any advice appreciated :)
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