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The S5 has the following unique visual differences from a standard A5:

1) Deeper Front bumper with lightly different shaped 'vents' and the fog lights are in the middle of these 'vents'

2) Silver finish behind the chrome grille

3) S5 Grille badge

4) Side skirts (or stone guards)

6) Aluminum effect mirror caps

7) S5 5-spoke wheels

8) 14" disks and S5 branded calipers

9) Lower Suspension

10) larger integrated bootlid spoiler

11) two twin exhausts

12) S5 bootlid badge

13) Aluminium diffuser bar

14) S5 inlays in the door sills

15) Gorgeous S5 branded leather sports seats

16) S5 Badged sports steering wheel

17) S5 badged Instrument cluster

18) The car is 10 mm longer than standard

19) Can often be seen near petrol stations

20) The guy in the driver's seat is grinning like a cheshire cat!

Hope that helps ;)

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If you really want to see an S5 point 19) Can often be seen near petrol stations, from Ian is a good place to start.

The only difference between the A5/S5 that really matters though is the lovely V8, simply amazing :)

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The visual cues, other than the obvious grille and mirror coloring are a lot more subdued on an A5 with S-Line package. The side skirts then are identical, and the front and rear bumpers are both equally as aggressive (some prefer the S-Line over the S5 bumpers).

For what it's worth, the S5 provides a nice OEM upgrade path for A5 owners -- when I had my C230 sedan, instead of having to spend $2000+ for a big brake kit, I just went to the Mercedes dealer and ordered C32 AMG brakes and got an entire 4-piston Brembo brake upgrade with rotors, calipers, and pads for $900. I don't yet have a wholesale account with Audi, but I'm sure the pricing can't be much different.

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