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Oh hey, that's me. I probably should have prepared something in advance, but hey let's give an introduction a go.

IngolWorks is a small venture of mine into the parts & services world. Initially we will be offering almost exclusively trim parts, dynamic indicators, and other odds and ends that are a little tricky to find in the UK. While that's going on, we're working on perfecting and manufacturing a procedure to adapt any LED headlight/taillight to have customisable, animated light patterns. There will be more news on that shortly as the first few prototypes come together.

The store will be open very soon, so keep an eye out. We expect to open the doors around 20th April, and will have a few interesting things for you in stock. Delivery to the UK is free & fast (2-3 days average), returns are fair, and fitment is guaranteed. Plus, if you're a little nervous about installing something yourself, we can come to you and do it for you while you wait.

To keep up to date on how the store is progressing, head over to the website and join the notification list. Don't worry, once the store is open all collected emails will be removed, so no spam here. We'll only email you to let you know the store is open.

Products you can expect:
  • Dynamic mirror indicators for B8, B8.5 (Facelift), and B9
  • Aluminium pedal sets for B8/8.5 in RHD, including footrest.
  • Keyhole covers in carbon and steel effects, suitable for RHD
  • Interior LED kits, and LED reversing light bulbs.
  • Hex/honeycomb fog light grills, black or chrome trims.

Are there any other products you're looking for and just can't find for your car? Let us know and we'll see what we can rustle up for you. Or if you're a little curious about our dynamic indicators plans we can have a chat, we're always looking for unwanted lamps to wrench on.

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