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Last Christmas I acquired a 2008 Audi A5 2.7TDI (220k km) and so far I'm loving the car but when I bought it I knew that it had a error about the third braking light (middle one) and the adaptive lights error was on too (I need to buy new modules for the headlights because they were missing).

These errors were not a deal breaker because everything else was looking fine and I even got a 1 year warranty on the gearbox/transmission.

After owning the car however I started to notice some weird problems:

1- All of the car roof lamps (with the exception of the ones that light up when you open the mirrors) were replaced by white LEDs (by the previous owner) and I noticed that when the car is powered off for some time or when I enter it in the morning when I turn the reading lights on they are very dim, even dimmer than the small red leds near them, and when I open one of the mirrors thus lighting up the halogen lamp the reading light gets to normal brightness. This does not happen when the car is on or the middle light switch is on.

2-Because I had to take the car to the my usual mechanic to replace the engine thermostat (engine was not getting up to the normal 90ºc), I asked him to take out the middle brake light to see whats wrong with it (when I brake It lights up normally but the car is giving the blown bulb error) and we were surprised by something really weird, the positive oem wire was cut and and in its place there is a blue wire that goes to the opposite side of the roof and it comes down to the drivers fuse box direction, it then goes deeper in the steering wheel direction and then I can no longer see it. Does anyone has any Idea of whats going on here? (The brake light works normally but vag com and the dashboard report a blown bulb) (I took some pictures of this).

3-The passenger side rear view mirror is not heating up like the driver side is, we thought that it was a dead coil but when we tested if there was current going to the mirror we were only seeing periodic burst of current going to the mirror (about every 2 seconds we would see the electrical signal appearing and disappearing, the same periodic signal could be seen in the mechanic vag com device. I told the mechanic that the passenger side door down facing led lamp sometimes would start blinking (when car getting in the car after it being stopped for some time) and after he took the bulb out and after he he did something in the vag terminal (not sure of this part, cleared codes maybe) , there was no longer a electrical signal going to the mirrors when the back heater button is pushed, in fact now both mirrors wont work.

4- When I got over tall speed bumps I can hear a weird sound coming from the suspension of the car, almost as like you can hear something scraping (You can hear the noise 4 times, 2 times form the front wheels and 2 times form the back wheels), this only happens on tall bumps and the car everywhere else is silent and feels great to ride in.

The battery is not in the best state and will probably need replacing in the future as the car sat for some time before being sold.

The car is currently sitting in the mechanic's shop with these some parts disassembled.

I would really appreciate if someone has some knowledge about some of these issues, because I really like the car but at this point I also think that it is haunted.


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Yup your car is haunted!!!!!!!
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