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Washer Fluid Leak?

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A5 2016 (earlier model) auto 2.0 tdi

All, I hope someone can help. Read over so many posts here and unable to find anything similar.

Recently purchased it and noticed washer low due to warning on dash as was driving away with it. Didn't top up until a week later and then noticed water coming from the driver side just under headlamp between the bumper and some protective sheet behind it (just at the right of the wheel ) . Slow drip, continously but not flowing.

Had the passenger wheel taken off and shit guard pulled over to see what's happening. Noticed when the washer is engaged the water falls down behind the guard. Could only see it fall from above the water tank.

Thereafter it appears to either travel all way to front right or that is a separate matter.

Took it to garage who looked it over and said there is no issue and its just falling from windscreen to passenger front, but someone I know had one who didn't notice this with theirs. It doesn't seem right to me but could anyone give their views?

Is it possible that something is blocking it from the windscreen side where its meant to drain out but instead travelling all the way across? Or something else?

Thank you for your help.
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