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I found out that I can’t get all weather rubber RS mats for the b8/8.5. This was confirmed by the Audi Stealer. Anyway I ordered fabric branded mats from:
And they stated a 7 day turn around. Well a month passed and I’d never received anything and numerous emails to the various different addresses I’d got for the supplier brought absolutely no reply. I raised a dispute via PayPal and guess what arrived by courtier this afternoon? The Christmas Turkey?, the branded floor mats. No invoice, no delivery paperwork, no return details, just the mats in a plastic bag.
Anyway and thankfully, they are of very good quality, fit like a glove, the fixing poppers are an exact match to the ones embedded in the foot wells and they look the part. Would I recommend buying from I’d say no because there was absolutely no communication, zippo, nought. But I am happy with the product. Here’s some photos for you to see.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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