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Want Bluetooth Streaming... Tell Audi!

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Hey everyone,

So there is still no word on Bluetooth Streaming using A2DP profile which got me thinking.

Audi's 2 slogans, "Truth in Engineering" and "Innovation through Technology". I feel both slogans are straight up lies as far as I'm concerned when it comes to the lack of support for this technology. You know, several customers are asking "WHY" there is no Bluetooth Streaming support in our vehicles, vehicles that cost 3 times as much as vehicles that come standard with Bluetooth Streaming, and Audi still has not given us a direct answer why we have been slighted.

So lets do something about this...

First, lets show Audi how dissatisfied we are by leaving negative reviews/feedback for their Bluetooth adapter for MMI 2G set ups.

Bluetooth Streaming Audio

I'm hoping this will inundate their systems because lets face it, the newer radio, MMI 3G, doesn't support something an older radio supports. This is absolutely despicable on Audi's part and I know others already agree.

Second: Contact Audi like I did:
Audi of America > About Audi > Contact

Now I contacted AoA using the Email method. One method may be preferred by you over another one. So go for it and don't hold back! After all, you spent a lot of money on your vehicle, and you have a right to demand some sort of answer.

I'm hoping that maybe we can light a fire up under Audi's you know what.

Now here's the drive and the reason why this could work:

The amount of people asking for Audi to support A2DP is shocking and Audi needs to know about this. My attempt at contacting was successful in the fact the rep forwarded my complaint to the proper channels and I'm afraid that's how far it went. So perhaps we need to push for an answer and that's what this is all about!

We as customers have nothing to lose.

So please, participate. Go ahead and ask on different boards (A4/S4) and other forums, and other places, for their members to participate. Maybe it's possible to get Fortitude, or other blogs/media channels, to pressure Audi.

If anyone has any other ideas, please post them here, I'm sure they'll be good.
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hey Agilis, as you may know my car and your car have pretty much the same exact tech, and I can tell you that that bluetooth Adapter works like a charm.

I simply hooked it up to the audi, then entered in the pin "0000" and it worked perfectly. There was no change in sound quality either. But i do have one issue. The issue is when my phone is connected to the Audi's bluetooth and the Adapter's bluetooth there are issues with phone calls and i'm not to sure how to fix it. it makes a weird sound that i cant really explain, but overall I think it works better than the one Audi make now because you can also see your whole music library on the dashboard and stuff as well. Unlike in the newer Audi 2013, you cant look all of your music library.

Pandora and other third party application work as well.

hope this helped, and sorry about the grammar errors i wrote this up quickly.
damn i wish i knew how to fix that its so annoying, and ideas on how to fix this would help.

And Agilis, third party application works fine as well but when you use third party songs have to be changed by phone I never tried it through the dashboard but it might work because the songs come up but doesn't list the name is says "No title" or something like that on the dashboard. i hope this made sense.
lol i know never had a quick minute to do it but ill do it now.

Anyway quick question about your intake is the AWE S-Flow intake causing you problems at the dealership, like warranty wise, cause i want to get one but i think my dealership is an asshole. IMO.
not many people from Houston are on these forums.

Anyways are you planning to buy the Adapter?
1 - 4 of 38 Posts
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