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Wahay - first mods!

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Started off doing some small bits to the car.

Enabled a few bits via Obdeleven, stuff like ADS, emergency brake lights, VIM, start/stop memory function etc.

This afternoon I've been installing leds all round, DRL, fogs, interior and reversing. (Pictures to follow)

Bought the leds from Trups, and they're pretty much just plug and play. Dead pleased. Really makes you realise how yellow the originals are.

I've got a BSR complete remap planned, as soon as there's enough in the wallet and I can make it down to London... can't WAIT.

I have two questions:

1) Has anybody changed module 44 - steering assist in VCDS? I'm hoping changing it might make the steering a bit more engaging.

2) I wondered if anybody had any other smallish mods that don't hit insurance premiums too hard? (Surprisingly, on that note, it's WAY more expensive on my insurance to tint windows than it is to add an extra 25% extra power via remap..!)
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Can't help too much with your mods, but try a different insurer. As long as it's not power or suspension related, any mods don't change the price with my current provider.
Cool. Will do.
Much delayed - photos of lights upgrade:

The interior lights don't photograph very well, but they look the business in the flesh. The boot lights in particular are ten times better than OEM. So straight on to headlights:

Here's how they were before:

and then with the DRL and fog lights upgraded to LED:

THEY of course in turn made the headlights look yellow, and tbh rubbish. They were never very powerful and a bit underwhelming having driven cars with xenons. So - back to Trups again...


and after:

Already look cooler to my mind. They made a HUGE difference to the amount of light output too. I know these pictures aren't quite like for like, but hopefully you'll get the idea:


new xenons:

and finally, here's with the fogs on too. Not that you can actually see much of the bit of road that they light up from the drivers seat, but they look great!

... when Trups had the headlights out, I snapped this one. Think it looks brutal with black headlights. If only they were a thing.
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You can get tint films for the headlights - there’s a mob in the States that do them - but check MOT requirements first, coz it may be hideously illegal. In Oz, such a mod is a guaranteed default notice, which Dumb Julian (my Trump name) discovered AFTER ordering the films!
Yeah - pretty sure it’s not viable. Would look cool though
Yeah - pretty sure it’s not viable. Would look cool though
I think you would get away with a light tint, My dads TT has had black tinted headlights from the previous owner and hes been driving the thing for 5 years now, never got any aggro.

Anyway i have the same headlights and colour car as you <a href="" border="0" alt="" title="Wink" >:)</a>
But I'm trying to justify paying 2k for some S-line headlights.....
whats your thoughts on them?
You’re a man of excellent taste clearly! I don’t think I’ll tint them. If they could go actually black, I might be tempted to de-chrome but otherwise I think the blue & chrome compliment each other really well, so light tinting not really gonna match I reckon.

I reckon 2 grands a bit steep. I’m DEAD pleased with the xenon upgrade, I reckon they’re brighter than my neighbour’s brand new 2018 model. I’d quite like the halo led ring thing, but tbh I’d MUCH rather have a remap and a few other upgrades for the price.
How much was the headlight conversion, any problems with mot?
Erm, I think the best part of £400 fitted if I remember...

Haven’t had it mot’d but it shouldn’t be an issue as they throw the correct xenon pattern. The new MOT regs are designed to catch people putting in HID bulbs in halogen sockets, so this should be fine.

If it’s not I’ll report but not due for a while.
you need to have headlight washers with xenon, if you dont. no mot

Ok so MOT manual says cars since 2009 must inspect washers if present. Sort of implied that they go hand in hand with xenons.

Might go visit my mot garage on Monday...!
Wooooo.... remap booked for a few weeks. Can't frikkin WAIT!

(Bobby Singh down in london if you're interested. A blast down the M1 and even blastier on the way back up)
And, if what I’ve heard about Bobby’s tunes is anything to go by, it will be WAY blastier!
Yep ... here’s hoping! He’s a fair drive away from me, but confident it’ll be worth it ?
Where is he in London?
Slough area
So I’ve had a Bobby Singh remap for a little while and have finally got it on a dyno, out of curiosity.

I've drove down to Surrey Rolling Road, as from the research I've done they seem to be the top choice pretty much anywhere for being both accurate and impartial.

And here's the graph:

This was the first run, the car got too hot on the second one to produce high numbers, so we didn't bother trying for a third go.

As you can see, there's a bit of a lump about 3500rpm, which Bobby reckons might be an EGT correction, so perhaps it actually does a bit more without that... I don't know.
To be honest, I don't hugely care if it does, the drive is incredible and the torque (bang on 750Nm) is plenty good enough for a daily.

Very pleased.
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HI folks, it's been a while, but time for another round of mods.
Starting with an upgrade to the s-line headlights, and a cheeky little DRL modification from EM Tuning.

Here's how the new front end looks


Next on the list is some 19" rotors going on next week, then heading back down to Bobby... for a hybrid :D
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