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Wahay - first mods!

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Started off doing some small bits to the car.

Enabled a few bits via Obdeleven, stuff like ADS, emergency brake lights, VIM, start/stop memory function etc.

This afternoon I've been installing leds all round, DRL, fogs, interior and reversing. (Pictures to follow)

Bought the leds from Trups, and they're pretty much just plug and play. Dead pleased. Really makes you realise how yellow the originals are.

I've got a BSR complete remap planned, as soon as there's enough in the wallet and I can make it down to London... can't WAIT.

I have two questions:

1) Has anybody changed module 44 - steering assist in VCDS? I'm hoping changing it might make the steering a bit more engaging.

2) I wondered if anybody had any other smallish mods that don't hit insurance premiums too hard? (Surprisingly, on that note, it's WAY more expensive on my insurance to tint windows than it is to add an extra 25% extra power via remap..!)
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How much was the headlight conversion, any problems with mot?
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