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I try to figure out how to change the computer setup on a A5 MMI version using VAGCOM for the following item: It is a US version.

- default the ADS to Individual (or comfort) and not AUTO
- change the voice recognition from English to an other language

I have no information for the ADS, but if your car phone only voice control, you can change the language with VAG COM - the codes are in the article linked below. There are several languages to choose from.

If your car has full speech dialogue system (MMI High 2nd gen) that also controls navi and things like that, then you can not change the language with VAG COM. Instead you must (or your dealer) use an MMI update CD-ROM to load a new language to the speech control module - only one language fits there at a time.

Interesting VAG-COM codes for Audi A5
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