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So I am going to take my A5 in Thursday, a friend of mine used to work at my dealership and is still buddy buddy with EVERYONE, so I drop his name and they'll make the controller changes apparently...we'll see...

Anyone have the coding for the following...

1) Have the rear lights on as well with the DRL's

2) Turn on the convenience opening/closing feature of windows w/ remote.

3) Change the sensitivity of the light sensor, so when the lights are switced to off mode that the guages remain bright regardless of exterior light...?

4) Change the blinking DRL problem. (I know it's been posted, just listing it for what I want done)

Any other ideas while I'm there? I'm getting my 2nd master key delivered and programmed in. (They lost it at the dealership before delivery... :mad: )

Thanks for any and ALL help. Much appreciated as a new Audi owner.
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