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Greetings! First post!

I am putting EU lights in the new S5 and had some questions. I did a lot of searching and found some help (Thanks TX!) but still have some questions:

- Wanting to activate the rear fog through the EU switch, but need some help with long coding. Are there any EU or UK users on here that can help with a print-out of their central convenience and/or central comfort long codes? The current version of VCDS only has a few items included, but I really want to get this done.

- Also wanting to switch to the EU tails to get the amber blinkers, but the story is the same. Need long codes to switch from US to EU functionality!

Some forum members have said that the inside rear lights and/or wiring might be different, but I double-checked and they aren't. ETKA shows the same inside lights for every market in the world and ELSA shows the wiring as being the same (all pins filled), so I think it's got to be a coding issue...

Comments? Thoughts?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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