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I am slated to purchase a used 2018 S5 from Carvana. It has just over 50,000 miles. Everything I am able to discern remotely checks out fine, but I think that is typical for Carvana?

I've test driven a 2018 S4 and loved it. I'm doing the S5 Sportback instead because it's basically the same car but with a useable cargo area. I'm coming from an Infiniti G37 Sport.

Audi's reputation for reliability has me concerned. While Consumer Reports gives the A5 the highest reliability rating, the S5 has a different powertrain, plus other sources suggest sub-par reliability for this model, like 2 out of 5 stars.

On top of that, I was supposed to get the car delivered today. At the last minute, Carvana postponed delivery, possibly for 4 days, because they needed to drive it some to clear off four codes, which is necessary before it can pass the routine emissions test. I called to ask for more info, and they claim the codes relate to emissions issues caused by recent repairs. I get it: if you add new components to a car, you have to drive for a certain number of miles before the inspection will pass. (This is to prevent people from using a battery-disconnect or code-clear to pass emissions.) They did not have details on what repairs were done.

I am looking at an out of warranty car, from a brand that has a sub-par reliability reputation, and that has four codes right now due to unspecified repairs?

Given all this, any thoughts? I kind of think I need to get more specifics on what was repaired, as routine repairs generally shouldn't cause four codes to be thrown!
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