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hey guys, i just go word that my car is at the dealership,

so i went ahead and ordered my VAG-COM cable..and i installed windows on my macbook air.... i have read a bunch of posts about the DRL and etc but i was wondering which ones are for the us only, like i heard some things about the voice activation only for EU.. anyway let me know
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The voice activation is not necessary for 2009 US cars. Is is enabled from the plant.
I just did the same. Day after I got the car, I recieved my Vag-Com cable.
I did the DRLs and remote control of the windows. Will work on the others, like seat belt chime, later.
nice so one less mod i have to worry about, so drl, key, seatbelt, i think thats it
Yep, that's pretty much it.
What is it exactly that you guys are doing to the drls, key/remote control of the windows & seat belt chime? Sorry just trying to figure out whats going on. New to the forum :/ thanks in advance!
DRLS= U.S. spec cars the DRL turns off on whatever side a blinker is turned on. the mod makes it stay on.

The key= enables you to automatically close or open the windows and sunroof by depressing and holding down a button on the remote key fob.

seatbelt chime= shuts off the seatbelt chime when the seatbelt isnt locked in.

also there are other mods I believe for having the DRLS stay at full brightness when the side lights/parking lights are switched on . . . . .
Wow nice thanks PLD7. I guess i should look into how i would go about doing all that once i get my car :) thanks again!
What is it exactly that you guys are doing to the drls, key/remote control of the windows & seat belt chime?
Summary of popular VAG-COM mods (link)

DRL/turn signal solution posted by forum member aerodave (link)

Additional lighting behavior mods posted by aerodave (link)

Very helpful info on VAG-COM mods posted by forum member loc (link)
breezy, my cable is comming soon ... we can meet up
breezzzyyy im all setup ... anyway how do u open the sunroof, the windows work
Look for a new option on the 'Car' setup menu. Somewhere in there you'll see a submenu that pertains to Convenience Windows (or something along those lines). Click on that option and you'll see an option for Windows and an option for Sunroof. You'll need to turn 'on' the Sunroof to open with the windows. So, when you hold down the button on your keyfob, your windows AND sunroof will open/close simultaneously.

Note: This new MMI menu option shows up after performing the VAG-COM mod for the convenience windows feature.

I'm not near my car right now, so I can't provide you the exact menu options. But, you should be able to find what I'm talking about easily on the MMI.
Nice fdot did you do the DRLs as well?? and put some pictures up of the car if you can just want to see what your car looks like!!
i would love to post pics after the mods, but its pouring out so my first day with the car in ny, its dirty,,,,.... here are some pre mod pics lol... like it mnatters
thanks breezy,
as of now, i have made the parking lights stay bright and winking is not an issue, i disabled the amber side lights, seatbelt chimes, lap timer, uhhhhhh i think thats it.
now A5inReston said i do not need to do the voice activation, but after reading some things here
" in some other markets it is set in limited mode that only allows saving and selecting of voice tags, not actual speech dialogue with the phone."
anyone have any idea or have had any success
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