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hi guys am having trouble with updating my firmware everyone i try it gives me messages like witch ill state below for you guys to see and advise on this situation i am having with this i have tried a number off firmware keep getting same messages.

my firmware (software version) is : BNav_EU_P0029_D1
my nav. database version is: 4G0919884G_EGE 5.11.8 (witch am not udating just yet only the firmware)
train version: P0029
MU software: 0108

i keep getting messages such as.
a variant conflict occured! mainunit variant:9303 realease in variant 9307 9308

this one two
the release info could not read.

i am extracting the firmware and then i format sd card to FAT32 and open foulder that firmware is in and select it all and drag it to the sd card am i doing that right.
i dont seem to get anywhere with this updating firmware

can some put me in the right direction with the correct firmware to use to upgrade my firmware
i was going to go to audi to see about a quote for them to do it but i can imagine its going to be an expensive one.

its so stressful

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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