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this will activate your 6.26.1 map!oJ4VWZJY!k-jwNKcD3mCEW311hqXBw7eFhHPKSrQu8HECtTu_HCc


put the files to the root of a fat 32 formated sd card

turn on the mmi

wha it 5 minutes so that all of the internal parts of mmi is booted up

insert ss cart into sd slot 1

a message will appear on the display, the just push the main button once

the script will install it self

after that a new message will appear saying succes

pres again the main button

remove the sd card

reboot navi : setup+main button+ top right button

the navi will restart and the map will be unlocked

if the sd card is not recognized try another card , restart the navi, wait those 5 minutes so that navi is booted entirely.... eventuality it will recognize the script and unlock the map, neither did mine runned the script the first time but finally it did ... with another sd card... so try it out . it will not brick your navi but as always try at your own risk, and do not interrupt the procedure - the best way is to do this with engine running.

this will work only for mmi 3g high,

regards from liniaunu
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