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After my puncture yesterday, my neighbour, who's a tyre specialist, has told me that there's something wrong with my car, evident from the uneven tyre wear.

The o/s tyre is wearing more on the outside 1/3 of the tyre. In comparison to the n/s tyre, the n/s tyre is completely fine with plenty of tread left.

Anyway, the puncture has killed the tyre, and the sidewall collapsed. So i've got a 1 week wait for a brand new brdgestone potenza - apparently theres a big lead in time from the factory. :(

What's even more surprising is that the rear tyres are like brand new. Shouldn't a 60/40 split be wearing my rear tyres more? Strange.

So, i'll be giving my dealer a call tomorrow to have the tracking checked (or anything else that it may be). Hopefully it's not been a production issue.


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Steering input in the front will wear the fronts more... usually, you get more wear on the nearside through hard 'round-abouting!'. I suspect you may have an alignment issue... get this checked at the dealer. If this is not the problem, then it's either something with too much play or a defective shock. All should be able to be sorted by the dealer.
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