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(UK) Wanted - A5 3.0tdi Sportback with MANUAL box

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Looking for an A5 3.0TDI Sportback with a manual box.

MUST be a manual gearbox. Must be a Sportback. Those factors are non-negotiable.
I've owned an A5 3.0tdi with the s-tronic and an auto (or even semi-auto) or a 2-door is not what I want, no matter how much convincing somebody tries to do :kiss:

Mileage under 100k please

Must have leather (or be cheap enough to validate buying leathers separately)

I'm flexible on colour - black/grey/red/blue/silver etc. Not 'champagne' or or brown any other Retirement Colour please.
Must have nav/bluetooth and be generally S-Line spec in the suspension/seats/styling departments please.

I understand that what I'm looking for is only available around the 2010 model year, so understandably I'm expecting any car I find to have honest age-related marks.... but the nicer the car, the more I'll pay for it.

If somebody happens to have an absurdly cheap S5 Sportback with VERY low mileage, I'd also consider this (as an offset to the poor fuel economy)

Many thanks,
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