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I had a decent response when I ambled into Leeds Adui for my A4 1.9 servicing. It was sporitng bike bars, a boot full of climbing gear and look like it had just complete the Paris Dakar. I was dressed like a gamekeeper and probably smelled of lurchers.

I think the best service I got was 3 months before at Strastone Jaguar in Aberdeen. I was up there climbing (again) and wandered into the showroom in manky cargo pants, muddy traners and a hoody well past it's sell by date. I was keen to get info on the XF (it was a toss up between the Xf and the A5) and not only did I get coffee, but chocolate biccies, all the brochures I could carry, a tour of the XF, a tour ofthe S type R, a tour of an XK just because they happen to be pretty and an hour of chat. for that, I would have bought the XF had I not fallen for the looks ofthe A5.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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