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Never ceases to amaze me how crap the Audi dealers are at smelling where the money is.

Every time I go to the dealers I see them schmoozing the bright orange middleaged couple in cheap leather coats and Next/Primark/M&S outfits where it turns out she wants the 1.6 A3 not the R8 she's spent the last half hour sitting in.

Meanwhile I watch the scruffy 20-something with the daft haircut, togged from head to toe in Y3/Prada/D&G/Armani (or whatever is so cool I'm too old to know about now) walk out in disgust because he's being ignored when I know that he's the guy that was going to easily spend in excess of £30,000 on a car and probably a whole lot more.

I think we all experience that point where we just want to yell "I earn in an hour/day/time it takes to have a pee what you earn in a week and can afford to buy your product so pay me some bloody attention". Hopefully none of us have descended to that level yet. (I have to confess though that at one point I did develop a habit of leaving trolleys full of food at the checkout in my local Sainsburys in complete disgust at waiting 15 mins to pay ... however, I soon found that there was a downside to this ... you end up hungry)

Heck, maybe some of us should start up an Audi franchise!

N.B. references to appearance and brands are not meant to be derogatory to anyone who may feel an affinity with the personas I've loosely described!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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