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It's not just you young guns they ignore, I'm 46 and just got rid of my Merc s class after two and half years of comfy motoring and I'm awaiting delivery of the A5. I went along to the Audi dealer in Wakefield in my Ford Ranger pick up to look at the A5 and after eventualy getting hold of (I use the term lightly) a sales executive!!!! he informed me they only had 1 in the showroom and it was sold, when asked if I could take a look inside he flattly refused, reminding me it was sold!!! Now don't get me wrong it was the weekend and I was wearing jeans trainers and sweatshirt (Probably paid more for my trainers than he did for his entire outfit) but as they say clothes maketh the man and this is certainly true in the car world, I would put a pound to a pinch of salt if I had been in the merc, suited and booted he would have broken his neck rushing for the keys. hey ho it's his loss I ordered elsewhere the same day lol.

By the way HELLO

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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