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Bought an A3 from Dundee Audi - really nice salesman but didnt much like the finance guy. Felt awfully pressured as he was throwing around all sorts of figures telling me he was giving me a good deal. Lots of people I know wont go to Dundee Audi because customer service is poor.

Anyway I followed the salesman to Stirling Audi to buy my A5 - really very pleased with whole experience. Think I got a very good deal and he even came in on his day off on the weekend to hand over the car to me! Would definately recommend Stirling Audi.

I did get quite a few funny looks from the staff though before I signed the order. I was 25 at the time as well and I'm sure they all thought I was a timewaster. Those looks seemed to change after I had ordered but I still got them although they seemed to be more of a jealous type! :p Salesman is 24 and we just hit it off from the beginning in Dundee. WIll go back to him time and time again
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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