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tyre size

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hi guys

ive placed an order for my a5 which includes the exterior s-line package with 18" alloy wheels

having visited the dealer today to enquire on my order status, i had a look at the alloys on another a5 and they look rather "dull". so im now considering on upgrading to 19" wheels. however the only thing thats holding me back (apart from the cost obviously!) is how much of the ride comfort will I be sacrificing?

as the area i live in is pretty much pothole central, is it a bad idea to go for 19" wheels even if these look much better?
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from what i can gather, cyprus is on par with malta as being the pothole capitals of europe. if it were me i wouldnt spec s-line(sport) and 19 inch wheels, firstly because of comfort, secondly because 1 crater in the road and you end up forking out a couple of hundred euros in repair(bumpers/side skirts)
I used to have an a4 cab sport with 17" wheels and my new A5 Sport with 19's has a much better ride, its less crashy and more supple.
having visited the dealer today, he said that i need thatdynamic system which has different settings for the steering wheel and suspension! 2700 euros! + the cost of the 19"!!.
ahhh... where do these extra options end!!?

emilio.. if malta is the same as cyprus, only a hummer is good enough! those flippin road bumps seem to be cropping out everywhere like wild mushrooms!
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