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Tyre Recommendation?

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I am looking to change all tyres on my Audi A5 2017 190PS FWD. It’s currently sporting some awful Hi-Fly tyres, and I have virtually no grip on the front end when accelerating.
What sort of tyres would be recommended for this vehicle? Do I go for premium or can I get away with mid range?
Thank you!
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Mid range : Uniroyal Rainsport or Dunnlop
High end: Michelin / Goodyear / continental

Ran uniroyal as a middle range and deffo the best price And very well rated but Currently on Continental Sport contact 6 and theyre the best tyres I've ever driven on! Pirelli P zero AS are OK not great and not abysmal.

Agreed. I'd add Falken to the mid-range and Vredestein somewhere between the two.

I've never enjoyed Pirellis though.
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