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Two Weeks To Go!

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I'm expecting delivery of my S5 on November 10th. It has been a long time coming, I placed the order originally on February 26th (with a $500 deposit). I got the long awaited call about a week ago, and since have been in a panic to try and sell my current car, an '05 Evo MR (if anyone is interested let me know :) ).

Just jumpped back online recently to begin reading the threads again. Lots of good info on here, and everyone seems to share a great deal of enthusiasm about their cars. It makes it quite fun and helps pass the time until she arrives.

I'm curious if anyone can point me to the right threads that discuss an differences between the '08s and the 09's (US Models). I tried to do a few searches, but am not coming up with anything of significance.

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Good luck trying to sell your car in this economy. I had my 03' 350z on craigslist and autotrader for months without a decent offer. I eventually had to trade it in to a dealer for a few grand less than i would've gotten privately.I traded it in for an 04 xterra to take out in bad weather, and so I could keep the miles off the S5. Did you ask audi for a trade in price? Take all the mods out and see what they offer you, it might save you some headaches. Good luck with the new car, it's a lot of fun.
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