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Leaving the passenger airbag switched off has drained my battery in 2 days without displaying the low battery warning.

I turn it off on Thursday to put the young'n in the front with me. Did a 40 mile trip Thursday and a 10 mile trip on Friday, Saturday afternoon it's as flat as a pancake.. I mean no central locking, no elec windows, no boot release, nothing at all.. complete lockdown. Not realising what had happenned of cause I'd manual unlocked/opened the door and then couldn't shut it again as the window hadn't dropped lol. As this clearly wasn't your average flat battery problem I called Audi Assist. Thank god I was at home with the car in the garage!

3 1/2 hours later RAC turned up, again just as well I was at home! Between us through trial and error we diagnosed that with the passenger airbag system switched off there is a constant drain of approximatley 3 amps.

I'll be chucking the car back at the dealer on Monday for repair, however the RAC guy also seemed to think it could possibly be a design fault that others may also experience.

Has anyone else turned there passenger airbag off for any considerable length of time or suffered a flat battery after turning it off?

Will report back dealer response as soon as I have it.
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