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2015 Audi B8.5 S5 Sportback 3.0TFSI
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Hi, I have a 2016 B8.5 S5. I love the car but can't find out how to disable the door open alarm. It's not an option in obdeleven and I can't find it trough long coding.
No one seems to know how to do this, the only temporary solution is bij clicking a button on the wiper stock.

A year ago I was using my parrents car (2015 Q5) for a week and the alarm was so irritating to me that I disabled it. It was easy to do, just connect the obdeleven, go to apps and select off for door open alarm.

Some extra info:
I am from Belgium, but my car was originaly from the US. It was in an accident a couple years ago, repaired and transformed to complete euro spec in Germany. The only American things on the car are some stickers on the car, like the gas cap says minimum 91 octane (US works with different octane calculation, lowest here is 95) and the homelink system. (US singnals are on a different frequency than europe)

Manual 2016 Audi S5 Premium Plus with the black optics package, sport differential, technology pack, side assist,...
This is one of the Region-dependent things, just like daytime lights. If you say, the car was originally US Spec, then try to check / change the Cluster and FIS control region.
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