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2014 A5 B8.5 Cabriolet Quattro
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Hello Guys,
Man I am so freakin upset!!! So I received a New APR K04 Turbo and first thing I noticed is The Turbo Muffler looks pressed into housing and doesn't have the three bolt tabs to install my 2.5" ECS tuning Turbo Delete. Worse even more the Turbo Muffler is a small 2" outlet. So I put the whole turbo in a vice and used a Chain Vice Grip pliers and a 3ft cheater pipe and no luck un-threading or turning this muffler out. I guess its pressed into housing???? I saw on another thread someone removed theirs, maybe APR's is sealed locked into turbo housing??? Do you have any more ideas how to remove this shit sandwich?????
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