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Trouble Starting, please help

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New guy here and I have done extensive searches on the site, the most current one I saw was in 2018 about this topic. Here are the details:

2008 S5
107,000 miles
Bought used 5 years ago
Love the car and have kept maintenance up to date.

Won’t start on a hot start.
it does start most times in the morning, but if I stop and grab something at the store, it won’t start again.
Getting the error that I need to depress the clutch.

What has been done
Slave and master cylinder
Carbon build up flush
New spark plugs and engine coils
Starter motor

From what I have read so far, it could be a few things. It might need a new clutch, some sensor is not reading that the clutch has been depressed. I really have no idea what else to do? I want to get to 200,000 miles, but if I keep getting stranded, I can’t live like that.

Is there a way to manually start the car?
Is it the ECM that needs to be replaced?

I am lost and could use your help.
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Hiya and in my opinion you need to plug the VCDS system into your car or even something cheaper like Carly and see what error messages come up. Then you clear the messages and test again to see which ones remain. This is really the only way to start to understand what is going on cos these are very solid BUT very complex cars!!
And or find a good local independent VAG specialist and go to him......
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