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Trouble Starting, please help

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New guy here and I have done extensive searches on the site, the most current one I saw was in 2018 about this topic. Here are the details:

2008 S5
107,000 miles
Bought used 5 years ago
Love the car and have kept maintenance up to date.

Won’t start on a hot start.
it does start most times in the morning, but if I stop and grab something at the store, it won’t start again.
Getting the error that I need to depress the clutch.

What has been done
Slave and master cylinder
Carbon build up flush
New spark plugs and engine coils
Starter motor

From what I have read so far, it could be a few things. It might need a new clutch, some sensor is not reading that the clutch has been depressed. I really have no idea what else to do? I want to get to 200,000 miles, but if I keep getting stranded, I can’t live like that.

Is there a way to manually start the car?
Is it the ECM that needs to be replaced?

I am lost and could use your help.
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