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I've been using Spotify via Bluetooth displaying track info / meta-data on my MMI 3G+ for years without any issues and all of a sudden it would only display the info for the first 2 tracks and then the old track stayed stuck on the screen with the next tracks playing and never updated unless paused for a few seconds- which was rubbish.
After trying everything I could think of (removing error codes with OBD11, green menu changes, re-installing MMI factory settings, re-installing Spotify etc) I finally found the solution- the change was caused by an automatic update on the phone (Android):

Basically, go into Developer Options (if you can't you can enable it by tapping 7 times on the "about" under settings or google how to enable this), then Developer Options should appear, change your default profile from ACVRP 1.4 to ACVRP 1.3 and then the key is to disable the 'battery optimization for bluetooth' in the BT app.
Then uninstall the Spotify App on phone and download this older version here
(it's on the 3rd page April 14th update):

Older versions of Spotify (Android) | Uptodown

Then disable automatic updates in the Spotify App via the Play store list of your Apps by selecting Spotify & then clicking on the 3 dots (top right) & uncheck the enable updates box..

Hooray!! :)
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Good info, thanks for sharing

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