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This was my first track experience. It was at Infineon Raceway, NASA HPDE 1, which includes 4 x 20 minute sessions with instructor.

Here is a video of me following my instructor in his 350z (sorry, the high-gain mic was in a bad position, so the wind is very annoying). This was the 4th and last session of the day, so the sun was blinding the camera:

My S5 has 1" HR springs, 25mm spacers, and stock Dunlop Sportmaxx GT tires. She has about 4,700 miles, and I tacked on about 70 track miles, with approx. 9.5 mpg. ESP was turned off, and was super stable. The temp needle did not move at all.

The first 3 sessions had me between 3rd and 4th gears, but it didn’t seem like it had the power coming out of the turns. But I understand having a higher gear is much more stable to learn with. In the 4th session, I started using 2nd gear, and phew there was the power! This baby went wherever I pointed it, except one time going in too hot. Also, I was braking how I would on the street, which is not so hard, cause the instructor kept saying "brake brake brake" haha, but after sitting in his car in more advanced session, I knew what he meant by hard breaking (different than late breaking :) ) I did some harder braking later, and the stock brakes did well. Anyways, this has made me respect the S5 that much more! I’m sure someone with more experience, and less fear of wrecking an S5, this thing will kill the track.

Overall, I am now loving the track, and yearning for more. But it’s hard to swallow what would happen with one little mishap. There will probably be 1 or 2 more S5 track sessions, but now need to start looking into something more affordable, as in go-kart, BMW E30, Honda Prelude comes to mind. My budget would be about 3k-5k, with more mods, engine swap, etc. in the coming years. I would have to humble myself to less the 354 HP. So if anyone has any suggestions, or has any advice, please share.

S5 FTMFW!!! :cool:

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